Virgin America Jersey Girl #vxforever

You want to know more about me? 

I'm flattered!!

I’m currently obsessed with crossing things off my bucket list. Because why else do we pay off debt, cut the clutter, and simplify our lives? To enjoy them!!!

I've held many jobs including:

Through it all, my one true love is life and yours.  I've been doing that since 2007 and have helped several hundred clients. 

Living a meaningful life became increasingly important to me as I found myself getting sucked into consumer debt and "keeping up with the Kardashians" while living the dream in Los Angeles.  I was 18 when I first traded my financial freedom for a free t-shirt and wound up shackled to Discover card.  On top of being smothered with debt, those purchases began smothering my home. 

Through realizing that more is not actually more, I've been able to pay off debt, let go of excess stuff and focus on what is truly important to me:  friends, family, Pony and travel. 

Wanna be friends?  

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 Also, I cribbed an idea from Sarah Every year on my birthday (March 1) I'm picking 25ish new (or well loved) things I want to try in the coming year (I'll link to an Instagram pic each time I cross one off). Because what’s the point of simplifying if you’re not doing the things you love?

All the pics are here on my Instagram Story.

  • Finish writing a book

  • Meet Richard Branson

  • Take acting lessons ✔️

  • Create my own rubber stamp

  • Macrame a plant hanger

  • Stay in an SF hotel and explore SF on foot ✔️

  • Go to a hockey game ✔️

  • Eat at Flights

  • Relax poolside in Palm Springs

  • Fly a plane ✔️

  • Paint a small painting I'm proud of ✔️

  • Go to Cal Academy of Science Nightlife ✔️

  • Go to the Exploratorium After Dark

  • Take a trolley ride ✔️

  • Go on a Big Bus tour of SF

  • Balance my chakras ✔️

  • Have a picnic

  • Go to Fleet Week ✔️

  • Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

  • Read Naked Lunch

  • Have dinner at the Slanted Door

  • Read the same book at the same time with a friend

  • Go to a natural hot springs

  • Take a Spanish class

  • Have a sunset cocktail at the Ritz HMB

  • Take in a show at The Speakeasy SF

What will you try, once you've simplified your life?  Email me, I'd love to hear!







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