Below are our most frequently asked questions.  Please let us know if you have any others.



So, um, what exactly do you do?

Well, I turn this:



Into this:



I also do a little of this:


room before and after.jpg


And a little of that:


bookshelf color.jpg


If words are more your thing, then let me put it this way.  I get shit done.  Er....I mean, organizing is a 3 step process:  Sort. Toss. Organize.

During the sorting like items and tossing duplicates part of our program, I offer moral support and guidance in helping you keep only what you love.  

In the final stage, the actual organizing, I draw on my decade of experience to help you create an intuitive and organized home filled with only what you truly love.  

I can generally help you accomplish in a few sessions what may have taken months (or years!) to accomplish on your own.  


How long are the sessions? 

All sessions are 5 hours long and go from 10am to 3pm.  If you're a returning client who just needs a touch up on a space, I also have  3 hour option.  


How many sessions do I need?

Well, this really depends on how quickly you make decisions on what to keep and get rid of.  What might take one client 3 hours could take another client 20 sessions.  I can do the actual organizing fairly quickly.  The ballpark estimate is 1 to 2 sessions per room, but individual results may vary. ;-)

 You have to get to the place where you have enough storage to hold the items you have left.  Think of it this way, if you look in your garage and see 14 piles of stuff on the ground AND all of your shelves are full, you'll have to get rid of the equivalent of those 14 piles because you can only organize what neatly fits on those shelves.  

If only one layer of shoes fits comfortably on the floor of your closet, you'll have to get rid of the shoes piled 2 and 3 levels high.  Or you need to buy more shelves.  

Less stuff or more shelving. Those are the options.  (And 9 times out of 10, we should all be leaning towards less stuff.)  


What will we do during the first session? 

We will start at 10am and the first part of your appointment will be spent looking at the problem area(s), discussing how long it’s been that way and deciding on our next steps. From there we jump right in and start decluttering and organizing. Eat a good breakfast and have some snacks on hand to keep your energy up.  We will wrap up at 3pm.  For a few more details, check out the first session guidelines!


How do we get started? 

1. Choose It - all clients start with an initial session and go from there

2. Pay For It - all sessions are prepaid

3. Book It - and relax!


What's the best time to call you?

Between 12pm and 5pm on Monday or between 5pm and 7pm, Tuesday - Friday.  All weekend calls and emails will be returned on Monday.  If it's an emergency, text 415.860.2474.


Besides a glass of wine, what other supplies should I have on hand? 

Please have bags or boxes available to gather recycling, trash and donations.   A rag for dusting is great too!  Also, let's set the mood - open the windows, turn on the lights, and turn up the music while you're at it!  I like it all, so pick your favorite.  As I won't be stopping for lunch, you may want to have some snacks on hand for yourself.  And if you do need a glass of wine or something to make the process easier, by all means, do so. 


So how and when do I pay you? 

Payment is collected on the "Pay" page of our website prior to each session via credit or debit card.  Several packages are available.  Larger packages are less per hour. that's a financial commitment.  

Yep.  It is.  It's an investment.  A one-time investment that will pay dividends for years.  I'm not a housekeeper.  I don't want repeat clients. I am a professional trained to help you get to the root of the disorganization and learn how to change it for good. This is fixing a problem and moving on.   I want to work with you over the course of a few weeks to a year, help you minimize, simplify and organize and then cheer as you get on with your life.  Success to me is helping you change your life once and for all (and then have you refer your friends to us!!!).  

Of course, if things do get a little wonky again, we can do a follow up session to get you back on track, but my goal is to "teach a man to fish (organize)" and to keep it that way.  


Why do I have to prepay for my session?

"Let's take a day off work and clean the garage/master bath/kitchen" doesn't roll off most people's tongues.  I have found that having a bit of skin in the game, if you will, makes for more motivated clients that don't decide to go to the beach at the last moment, leaving me with nothing to do but reorganize my sock drawer.  Also, as I generally have a waiting list, it helps me work with those that want to work.   And finally, it let's us all avoid the "wow that was great, we're buddies, I guess I have to pay you" talk at the end of each session.  


But honestly, I feel guilt and shame that I even need you here.  I should be able to take care of this myself! 

In life there are jobs we get help with that we could definitely do ourselves.  We could all learn to change our own oil or prepare our own taxes, but it generally makes more sense to hire a professional.  Your time is valuable, and you pay the professional to do efficiently and effectively what may take you 10 times as long to do.   Also, people often get stuck when looking at a chaotic area.  When I work with you, I provide both professional expertise and a fresh set of eyes.  I don’t have an emotional attachment to your “stuff”.  This enables me to help you make decisions much more quickly so that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't just the train heading towards you.  


Some of my items are worth money, but I don’t have time to sell them, can you help? 

I have resources through which to sell many items and will brainstorm with you.   Michaan's in Alameda is great for selling a wide variety of items.  Thred Up and The Real Real are great options for unloading clothes.  MaxSold is wonderful if you have an estate's worth of stuff to unload. That being said, 99% of the time, you're better off taking the tax write-off and donating your stuff.


I really REALLY don’t want to get rid of anything, can I still get organized? 

The less you have, the easier it is to maintain an organized space. I do require you to be honest with yourself and the space you have available – both mentally and physically - for dealing with stuff.  If you choose to keep everything, you're going to need more shelving.  :-)


So what's next?

Well, organizing is like exercising.  It's a daily habit and you have to put in the time.  You're worth it...make the commitment to yourself to do it.  And anytime you need a little extra help...give me a call.  Or check out a few of my favorite blogs posts for inspiration!

Oh, Kat, you were fabulous and I'd really like my friend to work with you.  What should I do?

Referrals are the highest compliment you can give me.  You can give your friend $50 off their session and earn $50 of your next one OR a $25 check.  Email me for details!