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The Joy of Less. 

What about The Why of Less?

You're 1/3 of the way through the 30 day challenge.  It's getting a little harder to find things to toss, but you're still stubbing your toe on boxes or silently swearing when you can't find your keys in the morning.  You want to get rid of more, but you just...can't. 

Not to brag, but if I'm home, I can always find my keys.  However, if I'm anywhere else - parents', friends', hotels - I lose them. It's embarrassing. 

So why can I always find them at home?  

Because they have a home within my home.  I open the door, I hang them on the hook on the wall inside the door.  Period.  

So that's one of my "whys".  I'm a ditz.  I lose things.  

What are your Whys?  Why do you want to declutter? Write them down.  Glance at this paper often.  


Some ideas:

Less hassle

Less debt

More time

More energy

Fewer fights