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When you open your bathroom drawers, or peer under your sink, do you cringe a bit?  

I thought I'd share a couple of photos of my toiletries, because, as a reformed product junkie, I am here to tell you that less is definitely more.   I'd like to reduce the following list even further with more natural, multipurpose products. 

Here's the tally of what I'm currently using, as seen in the photos below:

  1. Toothpaste, toothbrush and floss

  2. Scissors to trim split ends and threads on clothing

  3. Jojoba oil and coconut oil as moisturizers - trying to be as natural as possible

  4. Face cream in the white jar, but fazing that out after I use it up in favor of plain oil

  5. Nail care kit and clippers

  6. A few lip glosses and perfume solids (more on makeup in another post)

  7. Backup toothbrush heads, nightime lip balm (going to phase this out and make my own), and Listerine mint strips

  8. Hair bands (and a brush/hairdryer/curling iron not pictured)

  9. Green exfoliating towel (using this instead of St. Ives apricot scrub)

  10. Nail polish/manicure box

  11. Nail polish remover and cotton balls (replacing these with washable pads when they are gone)

  12. Bamboo heat protector and Aveda Damage Remedy creams for my hair

  13. Small hairspray

  14. Q-tips - going to try not using them once this box is gone

  15. Washcloths

My toiletry drawer - I removed JT's few items for the photo.

My toiletry drawer - I removed JT's few items for the photo.

Under the sink - my side.

Under the sink - my side.

Tonight when it's time to brush your teeth, grab 3 products you're no longer using and send them to the recycling bin.  

If you want a bit more motivation to toss things, check your products' safety ratings in the Skin Deep Database.  

There are so many wonderful natural, minimal waste, multi-purpose items available.  Take advantage of them.  You vote with your dollars, so tell marketers what they can do with their silly, single use items!  And always remember, you're beautiful.  Exactly as you are. Exactly as you wake up in the morning.  Just ask your partner, kids or friends.  A vast majority of the products on the beauty market today are designed to separate you from your money and nothing more.  

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