Take Out

Sometimes it's Sunday.  Or Monday.

Or Thursday. 

 And it's just exhausting. You've had a long day of childcare or work and the thought of cooking just leaves you cold.  And hungry.

In these instances, it's key to have a good takeout place on speed dial or a frozen meal in the freezer.  Sometimes, we need a break from the 24/7 meal prep hamster wheel.  One of the joys of living in a fabulous country is that we have the privilege of ordering out, not cooking, freezing, calling time out.  

So maybe there's one day this week that you need a time out.  A break.  And to save the 48 minutes that prepping a meal would require.  

Spend that time breathing.  Sit on a couch, the floor, the bed, and just breath.  Close your eyes. Focus on how the moment feels. How nice it feels to just sit and not work. Say thanks.