Soothing Sundays: Just Breathe.

Selfcare #.jpg

I sat down to write a list of self care ideas for myself, because a doctor, a nurse, a therapist and several friends told me to chill out, calm down and take a breath. 

Since maybe there are one or two other people out there that suck at self care, I thought I'd share my list.  Coming at you every Sunday, right here on the blog. 

So....Soothing Sunday #1.  Breathe. 

Yeah, so simple we do it automatically; so important it can kill us if we don't do it.  And so easy to do wrong.  

Place your hand just below your collar bone and take a breath.  Did your hand rise?

Place your hand flat against your belly button and take a breath.  Did your hand rise then?

Well, if we are breathing in a relaxed way, our hand should NOT rise when placed on our chest.  Our breaths should be originating in our bellies (diaphragm).  I tend to hold my breath, or breath shallowly, but both of those exacerbate stress and anxiety, not to mention the knots in my shoulders. 

So, this coming week, I want you to check in with your breath.  See where it's coming from.  If you start feeling frazzled and looking a bit like Elmo.  Watch the "Belly Breathe" song on Sesame Street and breathe along. :)