Create, Not Consume

Create, Not Consume

I have toyed with this idea before, but here goes. I'm gonna do it.  

January = Shopping Ban = 31 days of Creation

I need to break the twitch.  Happiness is not found in a new candle holder or dollar bin item from Target.  Even though JT and I have cleaned up the debt and pay cash for everything, I've noticed that there's still that impulse to buy.  Long day? Buy a book.  Feeling sick in bed? Buy more craft supplies.  Starving from not eating enough at work? Buy all the things from the deli department at Lunardi's.  

These puppies are budget busters and while we eventually aspire to not needing a budget because we are mindful consumers who only purchase things that will take care of us, while not expecting our happiness to come from things, I am just not there yet...

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