Food: Week 3 - 3 Meals

Sometimes it's just been a long week.  Sorry for the lack of posts.  :)

So this is going to be a quickie.  

Having 3 or 4 meals that please everyone and take minimal thought and effort....that's been key for us.  JT comes home late, and I come home tired.  7 course meals aren't gonna happen.

We usually have pasta, Indian Fare from Trader Joe's, some manner of beans, rice and salad, and "oh shit, it's gonna go bad" food at least once a week. 

Pick 3 or 4 recipes that no one gets sick of, and use them early and often.  Other options may be grilled cheese, breakfast for dinner, soup, a pot roast.  Whatever floats your culinary boat, just choose those standbys and lessen the thinking and effort for dinner.  Think of it as your culinary uniform.