Do It for the Love

Do It for the Love

What if doing something well weren't the point? 

What if doing it because it brought you joy, was, in fact, the point. 

Lately I've been thinking back to how many times I've tried, or not tried, something because I knew I would either be good at it, or I would be terrible at it. 

While lately I've had paralysis around writing and painting, two attempts from the past also come come to mind.  My attempt at snowboarding and my attempt at DJing. 

Here's the thing, I was so bad at snowboarding that first year, that when I went to my annual checkup, the doctor asked me if I wanted to talk about it.  "Sweetheart, do you want to talk about it? he....beating you?"...

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Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Why do I subject myself to all the decluttering, organizing and simplifying? 

Why, I'm glad you asked.  

To make room for what I LOVE.  ðŸ’–  ðŸ’›  ðŸ’œ

This was a hell of a summer, but amidst the tough times and hard things, there were moments of joy, love and even, dare I say, the divine. I am so grateful for all the simplifying because it means I was able to be present for some of the beauty in the midst of hard times, rather than wondering where the hell my passport was or what I was going to pack.  It even made the hard times themselves easier, because I just had to deal with those situations, rather than them PLUS an added layer of stress because my surroundings and life were in chaos. 

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Why Should I Declutter?

As you may have read, we are starting a 30 Day Decluttering Challenge on October 29th.  

"But why?", you ask.  "Can't you just wave a wand and make things organized?"

Well, the thing is, every single one of us has stuff that we don't use.  If you don't, you probably wouldn't have contacted us or looked at our Facebook page.  You'd probably be blogging about your minimalism while backpacking through Europe with only 38 items to call your own.  

And all that stuff we don't use is costing us a lot:

Time spent digging through it or moving the piles from place to place.

Money spent storing it, organizing it or buying a new one because we can't find the old one.

Frustration because we're late for work and can't find the keys or the kids are late to school because they can't find the text book they need that's buried in their room. 

Guilt because we "should" be able to run the house better or maybe because now we're yelling at the kids or our spouse.

You get the idea.  Our stuff costs us.  

I almost hesitate to say I'm a home organizer, because it's bigger than that. I want you to not just have an organized home, I want you to have a simple, joyful, peaceful home that allows you to recharge and gives you the calm (and energy!) to follow your passions and I firmly believe that too much stuff is hindering that.

 I don't just want you to organize your piles, I want you to get out from under them.  I want you to love everything in your home - to edit your possessions.  Does it mean something to you? Does it's quality make it joyful to touch? Why have 20 cheap purses when you could have one nice one that you love, that will last and that makes you feel special? Quality over quantity...that is what decluttering and buying mindfully allows you to have. And freedom.  Think about it. 

PS Check out the why of less.