Papers: Week 2 - Keep or Toss?

Tax season is over, but you still have piles of papers.  It happens.  

Last week I mentioned using Scannable.  This week, I'd like to give you an exercise to do.

Your goal each day this week is to grab one overstuffed file folder, set the timer for 5 minutes, and toss like a crazy person.  

Have bags for recycling, trash and shredding next to you so you don't have to get up. 

Most people are great at discarding papers they don't need, they just don't schedule the time to do it.  So here it is. 5 minutes. Anyone can schedule 5 minutes for anything, even you, Ms. Busy.  

As for taxes, the "keep your tax documents for 7 years" mantra is not entirely true. The IRS and H&R Block summarize it nicely. Chances are, you can discard a lot more than you think. However, I must tell you to consult your tax professional when discarding tax related documents.  They are the experts, not me. ;-)


Where Do I Start?

Where Do I Start?

Ok Kat, I get it. A Place For Everything and Always Be Cleaning. But how and where the heck do I even start? I have too much stuff and not enough time.

I get it…we are all super busy and change is super scary. We all have at least 5 roles we play in life, be it parent, child, spouse, significant other, friend, employee…and each of those takes so much time and energy that the thought of tackling anything else in the day is daunting.  I get it and I think that you understand by now that the more you have, the more energy you have to expend on it physically and mentally.  So your head is in the right place, but how do you get started?

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