Winner Winner. We totally helped some people.

You guys!!!!  We raised over $3,000 for hurricane, earthquake and Kelly relief.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Your generosity is off the the charts.  

But get to the point, Kat! Who won? 

Well, you'll have to watch and find out!


P.S. Wondering what hurricane relief has to do with organizing?  Well, owning less often leads to having more to give.

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Let's Help Some People (FREE SESSION raffle)

Let's Help Some People (FREE SESSION raffle)

So, if you've turned on your TV or swiped left to Apple News, you've probably noticed that our Southern friends aren't faring so well.  If you've read my blog, you know that one of my high school idol's husband is a widower now, with a LOT of medical bills.  A lot of people need our help, but I'm just one person.  I was hoping you'd want to go in on this with me. 

Here's the deal.  If for every $10 you donate to the Mexico earthquake, or Harvey, Irma, Jose and Kelly Relief (because of course her letter was the next up...), I'll enter your name in a hat for a free session with me...

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