30 Day Decluttering Challenge 2017

30 Day Decluttering Challenge 2017

This is seriously my most favorite time of the year.  I love hearing from you all every day and seeing what clutter you're removing from your home (and life!) in order to make more room for what's important (hint: it's not the stuff).  

You'll also be entered to win a free session with Amy or myself ($399 value) or a month of phone coaching with me if you're not in the area. 

30 day simple challenge = 1 entry into drawing

Mins Game = 2 entries

Having an Clutter Buddy = 4 entries

Doing the Mins Game with a Clutter Buddy = 5 entries

Simple Challenge: ......

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What I Learned from My Capsule Wardrobe

What I Learned from My Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe.  

Project 333.  

A uniform.  

These were all buzzwords in 2016 and being as I suffer from a healthy dose of FOMO, I thought I would try one and see what all the fuss is about.  

The basic premise is that rather than buying the skinniest hangers possible so you can cram more clothes in your closet, you clear the damn thing out and only put back a few items.  It could be 33 items every 3 months in the case of Project 333, or just 5 shirts and 5 pants, all the same, for The Uniform.  The mellow choice was a generic Capsule Wardrobe in which you just choose a "limited" amount of clothing. 

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5 Ways to Tame Your Kitchen Today

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1.  Gather up all of your Tupperware-style food storage containers.  Match the lids.  Recycle any that don't match or are chipped, broken or otherwise damaged.  Pare down.  Most of my clients could cut their collections in half and still have plenty.  Consider switching to glass - it's BPA free and doesn't stain.

2.  Go through your pantry and toss any expired cans, boxes and jars.  Pay close attention to spices, snack foods and cans.  I find that these are often expired.  Many cans are lined with plastic that contains BPA.  If you are going to use canned food, look for ones that say "BPA free" on the label.  

3.  Grab a paper shopping bag or box and clear off your counter of anything that isn't kitchen or food related or that you haven't used in the past month.  Put this bag in the garage for 2 weeks and see if you miss anything.  If not, you have permission to recycle it all.  If there are important papers on your counters, put those in your office, not the garage. :) 

4.  Give the refrigerator a quick once over - toss anything that's getting funky or growing more mold than a shot of penicillin.  Please recycle the empty jars.  Once you've composted any questionable food, give the shelves a quick wipe down with a 50/50 vinegar and water spray. 

5.  Open your utensil drawers and toss any packets of soy sauce, salt, pepper and the like, as well as any plastic cutlery.  Give the gadgets a once over while you're looking in there.  Most restaurant kitchens rely on knives, cutting boards, a can opener and skillets to create any number of tasty meal.  Chances are, you don't really need 80% of the gadgets in there. 

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