Status Quo...and a giveaway!

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Every Monday I meet with Elyse Nakajima of World So Wide (life coach, great friend, motivator, all around wonderful person).  We bonded years ago over being artsy solopreneurs with a passion to help people.  Our video chats for the past year have been a bright spot in my week and a source of inspiration both business-wise and personally.  We hold each other accountable and keep each other moving forward...never stagnating.  However, with an impending wedding, my side of the chats has been mainly personal lately and I was feeling pretty guilty about not coming up with the "next big thing" for The Simplified Life.  

The eBook!  The seminar! The online class! Migrate the email! Blog Posts! Send out newsletters! Improve my follow-up times to emails and phone calls! Finding a secretary in case I can't improve! Social Media! Marketing!  *sigh*  My head spins.

Well...I decided to let myself off the hook.  A season for all things right?  Between running a business, planning a wedding and finding new housing for 2 (if you have an in-law unit in your backyard, give me a call! We'll take it off your hands!), it's the season to be aware of limitations and allow a bit of status quo on the business side as my efforts are focused on the personal side.  And time to take a beach day...

Stop and smell the nasturtiums (by Moss Beach)

So how does that relate to organizing?  Well...often successful changes inspire us to make other awesome big changes. Good thing! I hear clients saying they just had a baby and want to get organized.  Or they want to get organized right now because the days are longer, yet the kids are home on summer break.  Or they got a promotion and now feel like their home needs to reflect their new title.  They get started and then feel shame because adding this new project in on top of their commitments is causing everything to suffer.  Bad timing! They are already stretched too thin.  

So here it is...permission to be a slacker for a bit.  I want you to set yourself up for success.  Enjoy the new baby.  Find your rhythm at work.  Wait until the kids are back in school.  Do what you have to do to keep the house running, the power turned on and everyone fed. Then let's work together to figure out the best time to start your organizing project.

 So relax, pat yourself on the back for keeping things mostly together...and remember that timing can dictate how successful you'll be. 

For the record, giving myself permission to slack off a bit freed up some bandwidth and I spontaneously decided to migrate the business email over to Gmail.  NO MORE LOST EMAILS!!! HOORAY!!! 

SO....that was a long one.  If you read all the way down here (yay!) and you'd like to be entered in a giveaway for a one hour coaching session with Elyse, leave a comment below. If you're brave, tell me what's getting in the way of organizing for you.  If you're not so brave, just say hi... :)  The winner will be drawn at random on Friday.  

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PS Are you choosing happy?