Where Do I Start?

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Ok Kat, I get it. A Place For Everything and Always Be Cleaning. But how and where the heck do I even start? I have too much stuff and not enough time.

I get it…we are all super busy and change is super scary. We all have at least 5 roles we play in life, be it parent, child, spouse, significant other, friend, employee…and each of those takes so much time and energy that the thought of tackling anything else in the day is daunting.  I get it and I think that you understand by now that the more you have, the more energy you have to expend on it physically and mentally.  So your head is in the right place, but how do you get started?

Sometimes you just have to push through.  After procrastinating on posting this blog for the better part of this month (because I was busy, had clients, was out of town, etc. etc.), the stress of NOT doing it became too much to handle.  I wanted to take a nap this afternoon, was even in bed ready to do so, but I couldn’t sleep because I knew I needed to get this done.  So when I say, I hear you, I get where you’re coming from, I actually do.  My stumbling block may not be organizing, but we all struggle with something.   I’m writing this in hope that it will inspire you to push through.

Go to that first little drawer in your kitchen that’s messy and has 493 items in it that you probably don’t need, want or even remember owning.

Start there.  Start with that drawer.  Open it.  Take out a couple of the items and hold them in your hand.

Do you love them?

Are they special?

Have you used them in the past 2 months? Past year?

No?  Why do you own them?  Start small, throw something away, recycle something and put one more thing where it actually goes in your house.

How do you feel? A little better?  How many minutes did it take?  Was it scary?  Was it less scary than you thought it would be?  Did it maybe, just maybe, feel pretty good to start?

Let me know in the comments down below one item you tossed or donated and how it made you feel!