Spice Wars

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Today, I decided to clean out my spice drawer because some seasoning had spilled in the back. Ick.  So, I thought I'd share a few tips on spices. 

First - if it's expired, let it go.  The spices themselves don't necessarily expire, they just lose strength, but the plastic jars they are in can start to degrade and leach BPA into them.  Also, for the purposes of downsizing and organizing, an expiration date is a good benchmark.  If something is expired, it means that in the past 2 years or so, you haven't used it all up.  Buy smaller quantities in bulk next time a recipe calls for an exotic spice.  


Second - Move them down off your counter, or out of your cabinets and into a drawer.  No more sticky, greasy jars on the counter and no more spice avalanches from the cabinets. 

Third - Trader Joe's and Safeway's Organic spices come in square jars.  These make organizing them in a drawer that much easier.  They won't roll around! As you use up the spices you've purchased, be sure to save the square jar to refill with bulk spices.  The Bulk app by Bea Johnson can help you find local stores that sell items in bulk.

There you go...3 steps to stress free spices.  Bon apetit! ;)

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