So Simple can't help be organized:

  • Which one of these is not like the other?  Group like items together!
  • Sort and purge any items that are worn out, expired or otherwise not being used.  Your holey undies...they've gotta go. (If you have holy ones, I suppose they can stay.)
  • Contain like items in attractive bins or baskets (opaque ones will always look neater, but be sure you label them!) 
  • Assign a home for each container of specific items (i.e. scotch tape) in your house. If an item isn't there, you know you've run out. This eliminates the “I know I have it somewhere” dilemma...and the "Oh man, what am I going to do with 42 rolls of tape?" dilemma.
  • Make it a daily habit to put items back in their homes.  Seriously...put your toys away!   
  • Make it a weekly or monthly habit to look through your cabinets, bins, baskets and drawers for items you don't use any longer – then grab them and send them out of the house!


When you're done, reward yourself. 

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