Sit There.

This soothing Sunday is coming to you from Palm Springs.  The saying "don't just do something, sit there" has been running through my head as I am presented with the opportunity to do one of my favorite things.  Sit by the pool at A Place In the Sun.  

Just sit and read.  Not hike, not shop, not socialize or go to car shows.  I know...but if I'm honest, sitting and reading makes me the happiest.   Once I've had my fill reading, then bring on the rest.  

That said, it's hard for me to go on vacation and really relax and just be (first world problems, I know).  I feel like I should be productive, should get one more blog post or newsletter in, should finish reading one more book, should do some soothing coloring mandalas to calm down, should earn more money to bring water to people that don't have any, should figure out how to end homelessness.  Sheesh. 

So today's mission...oops, scratch that....see, even soothing myself becomes something to check off a list...

I'd like to take that saying to heart.  I'd like to stop and drop what I'm doing.  Enjoy my place in the sun.  Stop doing and sit.  Just...sit.  

Want to join me?  Can you just sit today? Even if it's just for a few minutes?