Scary Good.

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Well, I started walking at the beginning of last month and probably logged more miles in one month than I had in the previous 5.  It felt good....but it was scary.  Because...if we start something, we have the opportunity to fail miserably at it, and that has stopped a good many new habits in their tracks.  

I don't want to be paralyzed by that damn fear of failure's what keeps me from writing more blog posts.  To that end, I signed up for a writing class: "How to Write Better".  It's a 30 day class and, out of fear, I'm already 7 days behind and just now watching the first video for it.  I suppose it's already been helpful in writing more blogs because here I am, pausing the video and writing.  Writing without being graded being slightly less scary than watching the video and stating the class process.  We are ridiculous creatures, aren't we?  

It's funny the things we have to begin confronting when we remove our comfort zone.  For many of us, that comfort zone consists of the stuff that surrounds us and keeps us cleaning, dusting, storing, and caring for it.  

As I continue on my simplifying journey, I'm finding I have more free time to fill. This class is an attempt to fill it with something that feeds my soul.    

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 PS Speaking of writing, check out Create, Not Consume.

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