Get Rid of It

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So you finally made the decision to let go of a few things…now where should you take them?

Well, one of the fastest and easiest ways I’ve found to offload things is by putting them out front with a free sign. Usually the items are gone by the time I’m done helping a client during an organizing session.

Another fast way to offload, especially if you don’t have much traffic in your area, is to put the items out front, take a picture of the items and post them on Nextdoor/Craigslist/Facebook in the free sections. I usually have clients add “Do not contact me or come to the door, the items are on the street”. Just be ready to pull the add once the things are gone so as not to annoy people who’ve spent their time driving to get them.

As far as taking items to places to be discarded or donated, these are a few of my favorites:

Electronics Recycling

Green Citizen: Free electronics recycling, electronics buybacks and data destruction services.  They have numerous Bay Area locations.

General Green Living

Recycle Works:  San Mateo county’s one stop resource for recycling, reusing and green living.  They  have a handy map that links to garbage and recycling collection in the county.  Click on your city to find out specific resources.

Bulky Item Pickup

Recology:  They allow 2 bulky item pick ups per year and that usually includes up to 12 large bags of refuse, or 1 large item such as a mattress plus fewer bags of refuse.

Hazardous Material Pickup

For chemicals, paints and the like, try:

Rethink Waste 

Paint Care

Your local paint store (most will take 5 gallons of old paint per customer per day)

Miscellaneous Donations



Pick of the Litter

St. Vincent de Paul’s