Digital Downsizing: Part 2 - Photos

Photos.  The bane (and joy!!) of my existence.  

I grew up in a darkroom in the 80s and film.  Oh blessed film. We had it everywhere.  And still do.  

Down from 12 photo boxes and a large crate of albums to 9 and still a large crate. I'm working on it.  

In the meantime, there are also the past 15 years worth of digital photos.  I've flirted with Google's Picasa over the years, but they are phasing it out.  I've looked into Apple's Photo app, but couldn't figure out if things in Photo were also my in Camera Roll and were also on iCloud.  iDon'tLike.  

So....Jury's Verdict:  Amazon.  Free uploads of all pictures in full resolution (for Prime Members) AND access to the actual file.  The downside is that it's $60/year for unlimited upload of videos and other files.  Since I'm already paying Google $20/year for 100gigs, I decided to upload all my videos and documents there instead.  Eventually I'd love to have them all in one place, but this works for now.

While you're deciding on what digital platform to follow, I'd advise going through your physical photos.  I got rid of 3 boxes of them just by tossing the doubles and any photo in which I had a double chin.  

I've looked into scanning the lot of them, but it was too pricy.  If any of you find a cheap place to do so, please let me know.  For now, I'm using the Epson V600 for the most important photos. For photos I just want to remember, I use Scannable. 

Good luck and happy sorting.