Phone a Friend

Am I alone in being hesitant to call people I've been out of touch with? Or scared to answer the phone when they call me?* 

Time passes, you don't hear from each other. Time morphs into a scary beast - intent on telling you that that they don't care, don't miss you, you're not enough.   

Then, you suck it, phone a friend, and chat for an hour.

You realize that, they were just you.

They were a bit overwhelmed with the day to you.

They were doing their best to keep in touch with scattered family and you. 

They love you...and you love them. And talking makes you immensely more connected to the world, your history and your life.  

This week, pick up that phone.

*Love, Kat.png

*granted talking on the phone has always been akin to waterboarding for me. As a kid, I used to hide when the phone would ring. As an adult, I make good use of the "Do Not Disturb" function on the iPhone. So reach out however it makes the most sense to you.