Outsource to Simplify

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Let's face it, there isn't enough time.  Time is our one finite resource.  That can be a very depressing or very motivating thing.  My personal focus for this new year is to spend as much of my precious time as possible only doing what I love.  Or doing things that will help keep me healthy so I can enjoy doing the things I love, even if I don't love going to doctors, exercising or eating healthy all the time. The good news is, technology has our back.  That great dream of the 50's, more computers = more leisure time, can be fact rather than fiction.  So, without further ado, the top seven ways to outsource the things you don't want to do (shopping! cooking! chores!), freeing up time for the things you enjoy. 

1. Munchery 

This. Is. Genius.  Go to their website, create an account, choose your food and watch it magically appear at your doorstep at the appointed time.   Get $10 off your first order using this link (I get $10 off too, so this isn't entirely altruistic of me). I don't know about you, but after a long day of work, cooking a meal for the family just doesn't sound like a fun idea.  The foods here are cooked by top notch SF chefs and average about $10 an entree.  They arrive chilled, with instructions for heating them.  There are several delivery times and several entrees available (gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, nut-free, etc. are options as well).  Pair your entree with a side and follow it with one of their desserts or beverages.  

2.  Amazon Prime

Virtually anything you need can be on your doorstep in 2 days.  If the thought of going to a big box store makes you shudder, and your local market doesn't carry something, this is a lifesaver. An added bonus is the free Prime Video streaming that can be accessed online or on a Roku or similar device. 

3.  Google Express

Multiple stores, same day or overnight delivery, free delivery on orders over $15.  They are offering a free 3 month trial to get you hooked.  After that it's $95 a year.  (Another great article on the matter...and Instacart as a great supplement for your fresh groceries)

4.  Safeway Delivery

Groceries to your doorstep on the same day you order them.  Done and done.  No need to get caught in the long lines or wandering the aisles of junk food. Coupon code EASY7 will let you try it for free.  

5.  Target Curbside

So you love Target, but don't have time to stroll the aisles?  Shop Target on the Curbside app, pay, and your order magically appears out front.  It's like a Drive Thru Target.   Get $10 off your first pickup using promo code GETCURBSIDE.  

6.  Purple Tie

 You put your clothes in their purple bag, put them on your porch and they come back to you dry cleaned.  So easy.  The prices are in line with most dry cleaners.

8. Home Joy

As their website says:  book, clean, joy.   Yes, we can all clean our own houses, but once in a while it's wonderful to just come home to a clean house, no elbow grease or Simple Green needed.  

7.  Dog Walking and Day Care

Sometimes you just need a break from man's best friend.  With a quick google search of your city name and "dog walking" you should be able to find someone to come and walk Fluffy for you.  Or even take him to the dog park.  Another option is hitting up your neighbor kid.  He could use a few bucks.  

Well, I hope this gave you a few ideas on how to lighten your load.  We are pretty darn lucky to live in a place where all this is available.  So here's to more time with your family and less time doing chores.