Simplified 365: The Office - Day 8: Bills (Part 1: Create a Calendar)

Simplified 365: The Office - Day 8: Bills (Part 1 - Create a Calendar)

Today we are going to take that list of bills we created yesterday and write next to each item the day it is due.  Then I’d like you to print out a blank calendar page and write in each bill on it’s due date.  You can also use Google, Outlook or iCal to create a new calendar with all of these due dates on it.  

Seeing it visually and knowing when your money comes out of your accounts is hugely empowering and will also help you budget each month.  If you know $4,000 worth of bills come out on the first, but you only get paid $3,000, you’ll need to move some of the bills to the second half of the month. 

Once you’ve completed filling in all of the due dates, finish signing up for any auto-pays you didn’t get to yesterday.  

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