Simplified 365: The Office - Day 7: Bills (Part 1: Make a List)

Simplified 365: The Office - Day 7: Bills (Part 1: Make a List)

Today we’re going to get a handle on your bills. Knowing what you're paying will go a long way toward knowing what to keep, both physically and digitally.  I’d like you to make a list of everything you pay in a month.  Write it down on a piece of paper or type it up.  

Your list may include:

  • Rent

  • Mortgage

  • Second Mortgage

  • Home insurance

  • HOA fees

  • Home Maintenance

  • Gas/Water/Garbage

  • Internet

  • Cable

  • Phone/Cell Phone

  • Charity

  • Tithing

  • Emergency Fund

  • Retirement Fund

  • Car Payment

  • Car Repairs

  • Gas/Oil

  • Repairs/Tires

  • Auto Insurance

  • Clothing

  • Entertainment

  • Groceries

  • Restaurant Dining

  • Life Insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Child Care

  • Pet Care

Not everything on the list is something that you receive a bill for, so let’s break this list down further.  Highlight each expense that you receive a physical bill for.  Once you’ve done that, I’d like you to start signing up for auto-pay for any accounts you feel comfortable doing so with. 

We have autopay set up for everything but our credit card, though we are in the process of phasing out credit cards completely in favor of debit cards. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to not have to worry about things being paid on time. 

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