Simplified 365: The Office - Day 3: What to Keep

Simplified 365: The Office - Day 3: What to Keep

What to keep and how long? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself that a few times while surveying the mountains of paperwork scattered around the house.  As always, consult your tax professional before tossing anything tax related, but as a rule of thumb, these are things worth keeping:

  • Tax Returns

  • Supporting documents for tax returns

  • Mortgage Closing Docs

  • Files related to your home’s basis

  • Files related to an ongoing health issue

  • Major car repair documents

  • If you plan on selling your car to a private party, these can prove your car was maintained and worth more.

  • Pet health information

  • Children’s schoolwork

Brainstorm and create a list of all the files you’d like to keep, either physically or digitally.  This will be our roadmap for the coming weeks, and specifically on days 12 and 13 when we decide what to recycle and shred. 


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