Simplified 365: The Office - Day 23: Cables & Cords

Simplified 365: The Office - Day 23: Cables & Cords

Cables and cords have become the bane of many of my clients’ existence.  Or at least the fear of throwing them out has.  Today, let’s tame these beasts once and for all.  I’d like you to gather together any office related cables and cords.  Think:

  • Laptop power cables

  • Phone cords

  • Ethernet cords

  • USB cords

  • Mini-usb cords

  • Cell phone charges

Once you’ve gathered them, I’d like you to think back to the past month.  Can you think of any electronic device that doesn’t work because you don’t have the power cord? If not, chances are you can recycle all of these with a clean conscience.  

If you’re worried about backups in case something breaks, Amazon and eBay are happy to store a new cable until you’re ready to purchase it.  How often does one go out on you?  Most people burn through a phone charger cable periodically, but not much else.  


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