Simplified 365: The Office - Day 11: Sorting Papers (Part 3: More Grouping)

Simplified 365: The Office - Day 11: Sorting Papers (Part 3: More Grouping)

Today we’re going to get down to the nitty gritty.  Yesterday we grouped paper into broad categories, but today we’re going go a bit further and group like items within each category.  So for utilities, I’d like you to separate and group your electric, cable, internet, and water bills into their own piles. Then move on to insurance and group the auto, health and home insurance separately.  Do this for each pile so that you soon will have smaller piles of just one type of paper.  Don’t overthink it, just go as quickly as possible. You’ll have time tomorrow to really question each piece as we start paring down the paperwork you no longer need.

As a reminder, here are there main groups and the subgroups I’d now like you to divide everything into:

  • Utilities (electric, gas, cable, internet, water, trash)

  • Insurance Documents (home, auto, healthcare)

  • Home Maintenance (house keeper, gardener, contractor)

  • Banking (investments, savings, checking)

  • Debt (credit cards, mortgage, car loan, personal loan, student loan)

  • Car Maintenance (oil changes, gas receipts, tires)

  • Schoolwork (fliers, homework, artwork)

  • Healthcare (EOBs, receipts, instructional papers)

  • Periodicals (magazines, newspapers, newsletters)

If some of these categories don’t pertain to you, then skip them and move on to the next.  A home-owning family of 4 with school age children will have different paperwork than a single 20 year old renting a studio. Adjust accordingly. 


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