New Year's Minimal Reads.

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Hey there...have a couple of days off work?  Too tired after the holiday to do any organizing?  How about a few motivational blog posts.  Check these out:

Have a full closet, but nothing to wear?  Check out Courtney Carver's Project 333.  Learn how to maximize your wardrobe by minimizing it.  

Is that wanderlust kicking up it's heels in your heart again? Wish you could hit the road, but have far too much stuff to fit in a backpack, yet alone a 10x10 storage unit?  Check out Colin Wright's Exile guy, 65 items, a whole lotta traveling.  Not for the faint of heart, but definitely inspiring.

Or maybe the holidays were a bit too good to you and your kids and you'd like to give Santa a piece of your mind.  If only you could catch him without tripping over toys.  If you have an inkling that maybe this isn't the way you really want to live, check out how Joshua Becker and his family of 4 are Becoming Minimalist.

If you still don't think you can pare down a bit while having kids, I'm sure Leo Babauta and his SIX KIDS could teach you a few Zen Habits to prove you otherwise.

And finally, a gal's guide to paring down and choosing simpler when it comes to the Every Day Small Stuff.  

Those fantastic blogs should give you some food for thought in between your New Year's sips of champagne.  See you next year! (groan!)

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