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I have never been accused of being a minimalist. Ever.

We are most likely moving on October 5th. To a 400 sq ft cottage.

I'm terrified and excited at the same time. 

So while I have long been preaching a "simplified life", s**t's about to get real.   

In the years since I started consciously downsizing, I've played a game with myself: "what can I get rid of today". We are now in the semifinals of this game, with a month to go before combining households.  

car full of stuff.jpg

This would be the contents of 6 boxes of home decor and clothes I've had at my family's shed.  An entire Mustang full. 

Samaritan House will be getting a sizeable donation.  


That would be the contents of under my couches being sorted. I’ve lived here for about 5 years, so there are definitely some areas to declutter, even though it feels like I’m always decluttering.

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