Libraries Rock.

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Pop Quiz: Do you know where your local library is? 

No? Get on it. These places are magical.  I feel like I rediscovered the lost kingdom of Atlantis or something.  

I hadn't been to a library since 2012 according to the expiration date on my card.  Fail.  So why now? 

Well, there was a book suggested on my favorite podcast, The Mind Palace, that I really wanted to read.  However, between reading Zero Waste Home and Mr. Money Mustache, I was feeling guilty about the excess packaging and expense that comes with getting a book on Amazon.  I realized I could kill two birds with one stone if only I would just borrow the damn book from the library. 

The benefits were more than I expected.  Beyond less waste and more money in my pocket, I saved the transportations costs of shipping the book, got in a 2 mile walk to the library, saved on emissions and gas by NOT driving my car, and decided to shop at a local store on my way back home, rather than driving to Trader Joe's.  Sure, I spent $2.47 for a small head of cabbage, but at least I feel accomplished.  

Less packaging waste, more money in my pocket, more knowledge for my head, less clutter in my house (the book is being returned), more exercise, fewer emissions, less gas, and supporting a local grocer.  Not bad for a day's work.  

Your local library.  Try it, you just might like it. 

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PS While you’re in that library, take a deep breath.

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