Simplified 365: The Kitchen - Bonus 2: Children's Stuff

Simplified 365 - Kitchen Bonus 2: Children's Stuff

If you have children, there are a few things you can do to tame their kitchenware.  And wow, for small humans, they sure do seem to come with a lot. 

1.  Designate a drawer for lunch packing supplies.  Having your wax bags, paper bags and reusable lunch storage containers in one place can make lunch prep less of a chore.  Bonus points for having a spot nearby to store their lunch bags. 

2.  Pare down kids’ lunch containers to what they use in 3 days.  Chances are you do dishes or run the dishwasher nightly.  There is zero need to have 14 water bottles, sandwich containers and pairs of silverware.  If your kid looses or forgets so many lunch items at school, maybe it’s a teachable moment when there aren’t any to pack their food in? I’m sorry, Johnny, but here’s your granola bar and I guess you will just have to drink water out of the water fountain. 

3.  Organize a space in your pantry or on your food shelf for the kids’ snacks.  Keeping them all in one place will make it easy to pack their lunches and know what you have left.  

4. Consider making an inventory list for the foods you normally keep in stock for the kids.  Maybe it’s just a list that says:

  • Banana puffs
  • Crackers
  • Granola bars
  • Yogurt
  • Fresh fruit
  • Peanut butter

It doesn’t matter what it says, as long as it’s a representation of what you feed them.  You then make a checkmark next to an item you’re missing and stock up on in the next time you go shopping.  For my personal inventory lists, I keep the paper list inside a sheet protector and then mark on it with a dry erase pen when I am out of something.  

5. For baby bottle parts that are constantly being washed and dried, but never seem to make it to a drawer, designate one small spot on the countertop for them.  It maybe not be Pinterest-worthy, but that phase doesn’t last long.  You may as well make them easily accessible.  And actually, if you use the “grass” drying rack, it does look pretty cute. 


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