Simplified 365: The Kitchen - Day 30: Organizing the Rest

Simplified 365 - Day 30: Organizing the Rest

This is it! Your kitchen is almost finished.  Today we will finish organizing the storage containers, serving platters, seasonal items, appliances, gadgets, linens and cookbooks. Set your timer for 40 minutes.  You can do it!  Let’s start.

Storage Containers

If you listened to me back on storage container day, you’ll have only been using 12 containers for the past 10 days.  How did it go? Did you need to grab more from your “maybe” bag in the garage? No? Good.  Now we need a home for these.  In my last two homes, I’ve stored them on a shelf with the lids against the side wall of the shelve, held in place by the containers.  In many client’s home’s I’ve used a drawer if available to neatly contain them.  Either option works, it just depends on whether a shelf or drawer is available in your kitchen.  

Serving Platters & Seasonal Items

These should always go in the upper reaches or far back corners of your cabinets, unless you use the items weekly.  Most people only use their serving platters for a one off fancy dinner here or there and then again on the holidays.  So let’s dig out a place up above or down below in a corner and get all of your serving platters and seasonal items together. 

A few places to consider storing them:

  • The cabinet above your refrigerator
  • Any top cabinet you can’t easily reach 
  • In the back of those long, deep cabinets non-cooking contractors seem to put in all kitchens.  The one where the accessible area is only where the door is, but there are still 3 feet of cabinet behind and to the left
  • In the garage in a bin if space is at a premium in your kitchen

Appliances & Gadgets

You’ve pared the down, now let’s find them homes.  I want anything you use on a daily basis to be on your counter.  Think juicer, toaster, coffee maker.  Anything you use on a weekly basis will go in a drawer, or on an easily accessed shelf.  Ideally your appliances will be in 2 places.  On your counter and on a shelf in a cabinet or in a drawer.  Those long, awkward deep cabinets can be ideal for appliances.  The ones you use on a weekly basis will go in front for easy access; the yearly ones go in the back.  


As you’ve sorted these, you should now have a collection of:

  • 2 tablecloths
  • 2 sets of cloth napkins
  • 4 or fewer hand towels
  • 4 or fewer dish towels
  • 4 or fewer “bar rags” for cleaning
  • 1 apron

These should all fit in one drawer.  

Cookbooks & Manuals

Ideally you will just have a small shelf’s worth of cookbooks.  Maybe that awkward shelf above the stove with the vent pipe going through it? Or a cute basket on a shelf that contains them.  I know you already culled them, but give them another once over.  Maybe there’s another one or two you can let go of.  

As for the appliance manuals, I’d like you to put them in a ziplock baggie up and out of the way on a top shelf.  Double check that you still have the appliances before you do this, you might have been holding onto a microwave oven’s manual that you haven’t owned in 10 years.  

The Last Bits

Now let’s take a look at your counter tops.  I know you’ve been pulling things out and putting them there.  At this point, most of the items should have already found  a home.  Put whatever’s left away with like items.  If there are things that clearly don’t belong in the kitchen, move them to their appropriate home.  

That’s it.  You should be done organizing your kitchen at this point.  On to the next room!

If you want a few bonus points in the kitchen area, check out the next two parts:  Glass Jar Storage and Bulk  as well as Children & Kitchens



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