Simplified 365: The Kitchen - Day 3: Under the Sink (Part 2: Organize)

Simplified 365: Day 3 - Under the Sink (Part 2: Organize)

Now that everything is sorted, let’s wipe down the cabinet.  You can make a simple cleaner with 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar mixed in an old spray bottle.  More on that tomorrow, but for now, even if you just use water, wipe down the cabinet. 

And finally, let’s do the actual organizing.  

The easiest way to keep things clean and organized under there is to keep them in the two bins.  When it’s time to clean, you can easily remove the bins and scrub the bottom. 

Put your cleaning products grouped together in a plastic bin or caddy.  An old shoebox will do in a pinch. 

Now use another bin or caddy to contain your sponges, scrub brushes,  and trash bags. 

Ask yourself, as you’re putting each item in the bin if it’s something you really need or you’re keeping just in case.  To borrow from The Minimalists, if you can replace if for under $20 in under $20 minutes, I’d consider tossing it.  To a charity of your choice, of course. 

That’s it for today, ya’ll.  You’re getting off easy. 

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