Simplified 365: The Kitchen - Day 26: Cookbooks & Manuals

Simplified 365 - Day 26: Cookbooks & Manuals

We’ve been focusing on the food and flatware, but most kitchens seem to have a plethora of paper.  Let’s pull out all the cookbooks, appliance manuals, recipes, takeout menus and paper tableware and put them on the counter or table.  


Set your timer for 20, it’s time to cull.  What can you donate, recycle or compost today? 

  • Menus from places that are now closed?
  • Cookbooks from fad diets past? 
  • Coupons from 2009?
  • The Weight Watchers handbook that makes you feel bad?
  • The cards for recipes you don’t even like? 
  • Scrunched up napkins from the fast food joint down the street?
  • Manuals for appliances you haven’t owned since 1984?

Whatever it is, if you’re not using it, it’s time for it to go.

Please be honest.  If you use your iPad 80% of the time to look up recipes to follow, maybe it’s time to get a nice stand for it and let go of the physical cookbooks.  I personally keep one bin for cookbooks. If it’s full and I get a new one, another has to go.  

If you have any handwritten recipes from family members that have passed, consider getting a binder and sleeves to hold them, or scan them create a photo book online that can be shipped to you. 

All done with the sorting and purging? Put them back on a shelf or in a bag.  We will organize in a couple of days.  


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