Simplified 365: The Kitchen - Day 25: Linens

Simplified 365 - Day 25: Linens

Let’s talk about linens.  Those tablecloths, cloth napkins, kitchen towels, bar towels, aprons, doilies and any other cloth item you have in your kitchen.  Oh yeah, those hot pads and kitchen mitts count too.  Go around your kitchen and pull them out of all their hiding places.  When considering what to keep, follow these guidelines.  If the number I’m telling you to keep sounds to sparse, put the “just in case” ones in the garage for a month or two.  If you don’t use them, out they go.

  • Table Clothes: 2 (daily use, holiday use)
  • Cloth Napkins: 2 sets (daily and holiday use - they are cheaper than disposables!
  • Kitchen Hand Towels: 3
  • Kitchen Dish Towels: 3
  • Hot Pads: 2
  • Hot Mitts: 2
  • Doilies: ? Do people still use these?
  • Aprons: 1

Put the rest together in a bag or an empty drawer.  We will organize soon.


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