Simplified 365: The Kitchen - Day 22: Bakeware

Simplified 365 - Day 22: Bakeware

So here’s the thing with bakeware.  I’ve discovered two types of people.  Those who bake and those who hoard baking supplies. 

If you’re in the former group, great.  If you’re in the second, have an honest talk with yourself right now.  

Either way, pull out all of the bakeware, set that timer and let’s get to it.  

Sort everything - muffin tins with muffin tins, cookie sheets with cook sheets and the cookie cutters in their own pile. 

Now if you’re the type who actually bakes, wonderful.  But how often have you used each of the items in front of you?  If it’s been more than 6 months and it’s not a holiday specific cookie cutter, chances are it’s time to let it go.  And chances are, if you ever need it again, you can find it at Goodwill for $3. 

If you don’t bake. That is totally ok.  You are still a good person.  It’s just that it’s time to let go of the bakeware. 

If you’re really not sure of where you stand on the issue, I challenge you to put all but 2 cookie sheets and 1 muffin tin in a bag in the garage for the next two months.  If you haven’t used the items by the two month mark, it’s time to let them go. 


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