Simplified 365: The Kitchen - Day 21: Pots & Pans

Simplified 365 - Day 21: Pots & Pans

Pots and pans.  The debate wages on.  Cast iron. Non-stick. Stainless steel. 

Whatever your preference, it’s time to pull them out onto your counter.  Set that timer for 20 and let’s get started. 

Once you have all of your saucepans in one spot, frying pans in another and stock pots in a third space, it’s time to figure out what you really use. 

Most people have far more pots and pans than they ever actually use.  

I challenge you to give yours an honest look and see if there are a few you love and use often. 

Unless you’re a Michelin Star chef, you can probably get away with:

  • 1 stock pot
  • 3 sizes of frying pan
  • 2 of sauce pots

For the next 9 days, while we finish up your kitchen, I’d like you to put those favorite pans back on a shelf and put the ones you don’t particularly like or use in a bag in the garage.  

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