Simplified 365: The Kitchen - Day 19: Storage Containers

Simplified 365 - Day 19: Storage Containers

Oh Tupperware.  The bane of our existence.  

Set that timer, we’re going to tame it.  I want you to go on a hunt around your kitchen and find any and all food storage containers and lids.  As you find them, pile them all on a counter or the kitchen table.  

Got them all?

Great.  It’s time to play the “does this have a lid?” game.  Once you’ve matched all your lids and bottoms, it’s time to recycle any tops or bottoms that don’t have a mate.  

Also consider recycling any that are discolored or have that white crusty layer starting to spread around the bottom. I don’t know what it is, but I see it often, it looks diseased and is probably the plastic starting to degrade.  Yum. 

Now that we’re pared down to just the clean containers with matching lids, it’s time to think about how many you really need.  I personally use 2 sets of the glass pyrex bowls with the blue plastic (BPA free) lids.  This adds up to about 12 containers of varying sizes. The glass is sturdy and since we don’t usually microwave food, I don’t mind the plastic lids.  If you microwave a lot, consider getting the glass containers with the mostly glass lids.  Plastic leaching into food just can’t be good. Do you have more than 12 containers? If so, pick your favorite 12, and put the rest of them in a donate bag.  You can hang on to the bag until the end of the month to see if you really need more than 12.  

All done sorting, recycling and donating?  Great!  Pile them all back into an empty drawer.  Tomorrow we move on to glassware.

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