Simplified 365: The Kitchen - Day 13: The Bag

Today we are going to tackle the bag of items you emptied from your new spice drawer. 

First, I would like you to empty the bag onto your table or counter.   Now grab out any tools, gadgets or food you know you need and use on a daily or weekly basis.  Depending on what you had in the drawer, it may be your favorite knife, garlic press, or bag of flour.  For now, just put those items with their kind in whatever drawer you keep other kitchen gadgets or food in.  Don’t worry about organizing them, we will get there when we are done sorting and tossing.   

Now look at what’s left.  You’ve already taken out your favorites, so it stands to reason you may not need a lot of what’s left.  First toss anything that is broken, expired or that you just don’t like.  The food or tools left are ones that you’re probably holding on to because you might need them “some day” or are keeping “just in case”. I’d like you to put them back in the bag and put the bag in the garage until the end of the month.  We want your kitchen to have just the most loved and used items in it.  Preferably items that perform more than one function.  They are beautiful AND useful.  Or they are ugly, but perform 2 or 3 jobs.  A single task item, like a spiralizer may not have a place in your kitchen unless it’s something that you use on a weekly basis.  

The next few days we will focus on sorting and tossing the rest of your expired and unwanted foods.  After that we will sort and toss your non-food kitchen items and wrap up the month with organizing the kitchen once and for all. 

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