Simplified 365: The Kitchen - Day 11: Spices (Part 1: Sort & Toss)

Simplified 365 - Day 11: Spices (Part 1: Sort & Toss)

Spices seem to be a major pain point in most of my clients’ homes.  We are going to tackle these a little differently.  I want you to set your timer for at least 10 minutes, if not 20.  Powering through this task is so worth it. 

Next, clear off some counter space and pull out all of your spices, no matter how many shelves or drawers they are in.  All on the counter?  Good. Now check the expiration dates.  If you happen to have spices in square jars that are expired, compost the spices, but save any square glass jars off to the side.  We will use those.  Do you have duplicates?  A few too many cayenne?  A couple of garlic powders?  You can either “marry” them into one jar, or pick your favorite.  If you have an organic one, I’d keep that and compost the other.  And if I had two garlic powders that are otherwise equivalent (i.e. both organic and both expire in June 2020, but one is in a glass jar and one is in a plastic jar, I'd keep the glass-jared one.  Plastics leaching into food isn't really that yummy.  Can you say "endocrine disruptor"?  Conversely, if the spice in glass is bad, I'd dump out the one in glass and then dump the plastic jar one into the glass jar.  

It's worth noting that many spices are now available in bulk or in those cute little Spicely square packs.  While a bit more expensive per ounce, the package is smaller, so your cost at the register is cheaper AND there's the added benefit that you'll only have that pinch you need for the new recipe.  Not that pinch and the guilt of knowing the rest of the jar is doomed to rot in the back of your shelf for the next 5 years until you sadly throw it out.  Or maybe that's just my experience. 

But I digress.  That's all for today.  Move the "keeps" over to the side or into a paper bag.  Tomorrow we will be choosing a single drawer to corral them all into.  


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