Simplified 365: The Kitchen - Day 10: The Freezer (Part 2: Organize)

Simplified 365 - Day 10: The Freezer (Part 2: Organize)

Now that all of the unwanted and expired food has been composted, it’s time to organize the freeze. 

It’s time to decide what you want to go where. On a notepad, make a quick sketch of your freezer.  Something like this, adjusted for your actual freezer layout:

    Shelf 1: ____________  Door Shelf 1: ____________ 

    Shelf 2: ____________ Door Shelf 2: ____________ 

    Shelf 3: ____________ Door Shelf 3: ____________ 

    Shelf 4: ____________ Door Shelf 4: ____________ 

Drawer 1: ____________   Door Shelf 5: ____________

Think about what you use most, maybe it’s frozen soups; and what you use least, maybe that frozen piece of wedding cake that you can’t bear to toss.  Grab your sketch and write in your most used items on the easy to reach shelves; put the least used, like that wedding cake, down towards the bottom.  Always group like items together to make them easier to find and easier to know when you’re running out of something.  

Once your sketch is done, it’s time to take everything out of your freezer and put it on your counter or kitchen table.  We will need to work quickly before things begin to thaw! Once everything is out, it’s time to put it all back according to your sketch. 

If the freezer is still feeling overstuffed, make a menu for the next few days featuring the frozen excess.  

All done? I'll see you tomorrow to work on spices.