Food: Week 2 - Master Shopping List

Blog - Master Shopping List.png

If anything has streamlined and simplified my grocery and household shopping, it's been having a Master Shopping List. 

What is this?

It's a spreadsheet listing the items you purchase most frequently and the stores you shop from. 

The beauty of a shopping list is that, if you follow it, you won't wind up with any impulse purchases.  There is no dollar bin if you stick to your list.  :)

As I've mentioned before, I use Amazon Prime Now and Google Express to deliver many of the goods we need.  I use the local store to fill in the extras.  

I put my list in a plastic sleeve protector and use a dry erase pen to mark off the items we need.  When enough items have been checked, I order them. 

If you'd like to see my master shopping list, here you go.  Hopefully it can help streamline your shopping!