The $5 Trick to End Clutter

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What's the $5 trick, you ask? 

No, it's not a $5 item at The Container Store (they don't have those there! ha ha).  It's actually free. 

Go into your nearest room. 

Assign every item in there a $5 value. 

Look around your room, counting by $5 for each item you see.

Pick yourself up off the floor after fainting once you realize how much all that stuff has cost you. 

Let's just say it's probably safe to assume you could assign a $10 or $20 value to each item and still have it average out to less than you actually paid, but I didn't want to scare you that much. 

Now, how does that end clutter?

Well, hopefully a few of you are saying "oh shit, that's where Suzie's college fund went!" and WTF?! That would have paid for Paris!!!!" So basically, I hope you will immediately stop buying things and sell of the extra things to pay down debt and actually book that trip to Paris. But, even if it makes you pause, just for a minute, before adding that next Adult Coloring Book or Chanel purse to the mix, then that's a start. 

PS Questions to Ask when you're decluttering