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It can solve all the world's problems.  

What if everyone had enough food? Enough shelter? Enough love? 

Just think about that for a minute.  Picture our immigration issues if everyone in the world had enough.  Picture the wars we're waging...if everyone thought they had enough money.  Picture our baseball diamonds and billboards, bus stops and taxi tops if all the corporations thought they had enough and didn't have to advertise. Just sayin'.

But how often do we stop to feel satisfied with what we have?  Our waistlines and addictions, debts and divorces seem to paint a picture that what we have is never enough. 

So.  I can't change the whole world, but I can change me.  

I'm declaring 2016 my personal year of enough.  My personal year of not complaining.  Of being thankful.  The whole damn year, I'm going to be Mary F-in Sunshine.   You know why?

Because I already have enough. 

So, how am I going to go about doing that?  Well, I've already started a few little experiments, because why try to make one change when you can spectacularly fail at 20.  Way more fun.  So here are the attempted changes:  

  1. Stop buying crap. Just because it's sparkly, doesn't mean it needs a home in MY home.

  2. Stop buying clothes and shoes.* A new shirt isn't going to make me a better version of myself, so I need to figure out what perceived flaw I'm trying to fix by dressing differently.

  3. Stop buying music and movies.

  4. Cook at home. Restaurants are expensive.

  5. Stop buying new personal care items. There are no miracles contained in jars. That I know of.

  6. Appreciate my close friends and family and give them the time they deserve.

So when you read that list, it all sorta sounds negative.  Deprivation and such. 

Here's the Mary Sunshine spin.  

I have enough "stuff" in my home to make it feel homey.  

I have enough clothing to keep me warm and dry.  

I have enough unread books and unwatched movies to entertain me well into 2017.  

I have enough new recipes to keep me well fed and healthy.

I have enough soap and jojoba oil to keep me clean and moisturized.

I have enough wonderful people in my life.


Sounds pretty good to me.  Do you have enough? 

*Love, Kat.png

PS Consider keeping only 1 “extra” on hand.

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*I did buy a new pair of shoes.  On December 31st.  Ok fine.  And a pair on January 6th.  I'm only human. But that's it.  NO MORE. :)