Doing Without.

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The next 30 days are either going to suck or be totally awesome.  As you may know, I've had some manner of "chronic inflammation" for the past 4 years judging by the dermatitis on my legs. Chronic inflammation seems to be a new buzzword and I hate jumping on bandwagons, but I've had 4 doctors tell me the same thing. order to see why I am so darn inflamed,  I've been put on a 30 day elimination diet.  No wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, fish, seafood, nuts, alcohol, caffeine, joy.  I'm going to need a little moral support.  If any of you were planning on continuing the 30 day decluttering challenge, maybe you could do that at this time!  We could support each other in meeting our goals.  I'm going to add no spending (other than food) to this mix as well.  In January, I always feel strongest and most capable of meeting goals, so I'm going to go big.  I won't add in "lose 5 pounds", but it may be an offshoot of this diet and it sure would be nice to fit back in my old jeans.  

Anyone with me?  Shoot me an email. :)

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