30 Day Decluttering Challenge 2017

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This is seriously my most favorite time of the year.  I love hearing from you all every day and seeing what clutter you're removing from your home (and life!) in order to make more room for what's important (hint: it's not the stuff).  

You'll also be entered to win a free session with Amy or myself ($399 value) or a month of phone coaching with me if you're not in the area. 

30 day simple challenge = 1 entry into drawing

Mins Game = 2 entries

Having an Clutter Buddy = 4 entries

Doing the Mins Game with a Clutter Buddy = 5 entries

Simple Challenge:

  1. Remove 1 item from your home each day (donate, sell, recycle, or trash)

  2. Post what you removed in a comment on either the daily photo on our Facebook page or on this blog post. i.e. if you threw out a magazine, you just need to write "magazine" in the comments (or post a photo or video!!!!!!!)

Mins Game:

 If you're super motivated to make a huge change in your living space, I'd like you to take the 30 day challenge to the next level and play the Minimalism Game.  To play, you remove one item on the first day, 2 on the second, 3 on the third and so on.  

Use the hashtag #MinsGame in your comment and you'll be entered 2 times.

Clutter Buddy:

If you'd like to be paired with an clutter buddy, email me and I'll set it up!  You can also choose a friend to do this with.  If you both complete the 30 day challenge, you'll be entered 4 times!

Use the hashtag #clutterbuddy in your comments.  Put both #minsgame AND #clutterbuddy if you're doing both!

A couple notes:

I will be posting a daily photo of a suggested category to get declutter, i.e. shirts, pots and pans, pens, etc.  You can choose to declutter something in that category or any of your liking.  

You may find it helpful to keep an "outbox" in your entryway or garage to put your donation items in each day.  As it fills, take it to Goodwill.  Rinse. Repeat.