30 Day Decluttering Challenge.

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You heard it here first.  

Starting on October 29th and continuing until Small Business Saturday on November 29th (aka the day after Black Friday), we will be conducting our first 30 day decluttering challenge!!

So what's in it for you?   

A chance to connect with other community members committed to ditching the stuff, as well as a chance to support a local business (...the simplified life.). Accomplishing anything in life seems to come down to the amount of support you have.  Please use this as an excuse to make a real change in your environment!

Oh yeah, and one lucky winner will receive two free organizing sessions and one free coaching session to help kick their efforts into high gear.   Yeah, that's like $1000 worth of free services.  Get on it. 

So what do you have to do?  Easy peasy.  Post in the comments on this post, or on our Facebook page each day with your name and the one item you either tossed or donated i.e. "1 broken mug".  Just a couple of words.  That's it.  Please be honest.  Set a reminder on your phone to post each day.  You can do it.  

Quick Tip: If you need an easy place to unload a few items, check out the San Francisco Parent's of Multiples Club Consignment Sale.  You don't need to be there to sell and you'll get 60% of the sale price.

The fine print:

  • If you don't live in our service area (SF, the peninsula, San Jose or Lodi), we will substitute the "Virtual Reality" package in place of in person organizing

  • You have to post every day

  • The winner will be drawn out of a hat on November 29th at 6pm and will be announced in a new blog post

*Love, Kat.png