Simplified 365: The Clothes - Bonus: Capsule Wardrobe

Simplified 365: The Clothes - Bonus: Capsule Wardrobe

Be it 33 items or 50, a capsule wardrobe is all the rage.  It’s basically a smaller set of clothes that all mix and match well with each other.  Some people box up the extras once they reach their proposed number, some donate the rest. It matters not.  The point is to pick out a smaller wardrobe and reap the benefits of less decision fatigue in the morning as well as continuing smugness that your closet looks awesome.

You can Google “capsule wardrobe” or “Project 333” for some ideas.  

If you’ve been dreaming of a Pinterest worthy wardrobe and closet, this is the challenge for you.  If you look at most sleek, organized closets on Pinterest or in HGTV’s magazine, you will notice that they generally only have 5 matching shirts, 5 pants and 4 pairs of shoes. A closet will never look as clean, fresh and organized if it has the typical 200+ items in it that most of us try to cram in. Don’t believe me? Go count your hanging clothes.

While exact numbers are hard to come by, one just has to look at the closet space in pre-1970s houses to see how much larger our closets have grown.  In this continuing era of bigger is better, I think the opposite could be applied to a wardrobe.  Some of the best dressed people in my life have the smallest wardrobe.  They seem to think more purposefully about adding items to it and the sharpness of their clothing reflects that. While I’m no fashionista, I’ve noticed I’ve taken more care with purchasing new items as my wardrobe shrinks more and more. Will the sweater match the pants I already have? Do I have a moth-eaten sweater this one will replace?  I’ve also discovered the singular joy of wearing something out.  There’s no guilt involved with buying something when I know I’ve worn the absolute dickens out of it’s predecessor. 

Regardless of your current opinion of capsule wardrobes, I urge you to try one on for size for a month.  You don’t need to toss, donate or box up anything.  Just pick your favorite items, keeping the number around 35 and put them all together on one side of your closet.  Dress from that selection for the next month and see how it feels. 


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