Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 8: Work Shirts & Fancy Shirts

Simplified 365 - Clothes Day 8: Work Shirts & Fancy Shirts

Onward! To work shirts and fancy shirts.  Today you gather any and all button down shirts, silk shirts, dressy shirts, and basically any shirt that isn’t a casual t-shirt or tank top.  

Set that timer, grab them all and let’s put them on the bed.  Grab your favorite shirts from the pile first, and put them aside.  Then sort the rest, like with like.  

As you’re sorting and deciding what to keep, think about these questions:

  • When’s the last time I wore it?
  • Is there dust on top because it’s been hanging so long?
  • Are there indents in the fabric where it sits on the hanger because it’s been hanging so long?
  • I don’t love it, but do I even like it? 
  • Am I afraid that if I donate my high-power corporate shirts that I won’t ever work in the corporate world again?
  • Do those corporate shirts have shoulder pads?
  • Does my 40 year old self feel comfortable in my 20 year old’s clubbing tops?

I don’t know what your life currently looks like, so I can’t tell you exactly what to keep, but I encourage you to write down what you do in a typical week, be it yoga, picking the kids up from school, directing a team at Apple or discovering the cure for cancer in a lab.  Whatever it is, write it down, then choose the shirts that fit with that lifestyle. 

When you’re done, hang the “keeps” back up and put the rest into a donate bag. 


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