Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 7: T-shirts & Tank Tops

Simplified 365 - Clothes Day 7: T-shirts & Tank Tops

Ok, we’re moving along now.  I think you’re ready for something a little harder.  It’s time to tackle t-shirts and tank tops.  

Set that timer for 20, but you’re really going to have to hustle on this one. 

Gather all of your t-shirts and tank tops onto your bed.  Pick out your favorites and set them aside. We are going to sort the rest of them into a few piles:

  • Plain t-shirts
  • Plain tank tops
  • Fancy/logo t-shirts
  • Fancy tank tops and camisoles
  • Sentimental t-shirts (think old concert tees or souvenir tees)

 I won’t try to talk you out of your sentimental and souvenir t-shirts, but I would like you to move them out of your prime closet real-estate.  Consider framing a t-shirt you really love, turning the lot into a quilt or at least storing them in a moth-proof box in the garage.  

For the rest of these types, we need to come up with an appropriate number of each for your wardrobe.  Divide your favorites pile into 4 groups: plain tees, plain tank tops, fancy tees, and fancy tank tops. 

Look at the rest of your piles and ask them a few questions:

  • When is the last time I wore this? 
  • Do I really need 49 black tank tops?
  • Are there supposed to be holes in this or is it just worn out? 
  • Why do I have colored t-shirts when I only actually wear black ones? 

You get the picture.  The blank tank tops were my struggling point. I may not have had 49 of them, but I lived in the damn things and they seemed to be multiplying. Every time I went to Target I seemed to pick up a new one; maybe it’s a good thing Target stopped carrying them.  RIP Mossimo Long and Lean tanks. I pared down to 3 to sleep in and 2 for everyday wear.  

As you question your t-shirts, be clear on what you actually wear in a week.  Maybe you wouldn’t even be caught dead in a t-shirt, yet you have 28 of them hanging out in your closet taking space away from the clothes you do wear.  Also, question why you’re keeping shirts that aren’t your favorites.  Our goal here is to wind up with a wardrobe you love and feel good in. 


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